Origins of Sushi Machine

Sushi Machine's Origin
Japan, the origin of sushi machine

Did you know there is a very big chance the sushi you eat is actually made by a sushi machine? Yes, a sushi machine. The invention that changed the sushi industry, the machine that help sushi become even more popular than what it already is, the machine that allows anyone to make sushi and share it with their community. The machine that created the option of affordable sushi for everyone. The sushi machine is an amazing invention that more people should take advantage of. So where did this sushi machine come from? What is the sushi machine’s origins?

This article is here to explain all about the sushi machine’s origins and more!

What is Sushi Machine?

So what exactly is a sushi machine? Like the name suggests, it is a machine that can make sushi. However, it is not a machine that is used alone, in fact, you need to work with the sushi machine for the optimal sushi production. A sushi machine automates the process of rice forming, whether it is to shape the sushi rice into small oval rice balls for nigiri sushi or print out a thin layer of rice that is spread evenly over seaweed that can then be rolled into a sushi roll. By automating this part of the sushi making process, you can prepare the ingredients that will later be paired with the sushi. The rice forming process is considered the most time consuming part of the sushi making process, so by speeding this up, you are being the most efficient. And this is what sushi machine was invented for, to make sushi efficiently.

Types of Sushi Machine

There are two types of sushi machines, the nigiri machine and maki machine.

Nigiri Sushi Machine

Nigiri Sushi Machine: Small but Mighty
The nigiri sushi machine, also known as the shari machine, helps form the rice balls for nigiri sushi. The nigiri sushi machine was first invented around 1980s in Japan by a man (Kisaku Suzuki) that was very passionate of rice. The nigiri sushi machine’s origin is focused on the idea of increasing the demand of rice usage, so the Japanese government can’t control the rice production in the agricultural sector. And this machine did exactly what the inventor wanted, it created a big market demand of rice. This nigiri sushi machine mimics the Japanese sushi master’s handiwork, forming the rice ball perfectly oval. With this sushi machine, you can choose the desired size of rice ball. Depending on the size of the nigiri sushi machine, it can produce thousands of rice balls in one hour. Very fast.

Maki Sushi Machine

High Production Maki Sushi Machine
The first sushi roll maker or maki sushi machine was made around 1976 by Top., Inc. The maki sushi machine’s origin was due to economic boom during the 1970s, people want to buy maki sushi from supermarkets out of convenience. The large demand led the first maki sushi machine to be invented. Maki sushi machine is also known as the sushi roll machine is a special machine that prints out rice sheets. These rice sheets allow you to easily make sushi rolls with minimal effort. With printed out rice sheets, you just need to neatly place the ingredients inside and roll it up. Now you have a perfectly rolled sushi roll. So easy and so efficient. Some maki sushi machines come with rolling/folding attachment that can help you roll or automatically roll it.

Sushi Machine’s Origin?

Painting of Japan, the origin of Sushi Machine
Sushi machines were first invented in Japan. They were invented for two main reasons, the boom of sushi demand in the Japanese supermarket and to create a bigger demand for the usage of rice. With sushi machine, the sushi industry has changed significantly in Japan and in the world. Now sushi machine are being used all over the world, making sushi a global dish.

How did it become popular?

Sushi became a lot more popular once the sushi machine was invented. It allowed business to become much more efficient and produce more sushi with consistency quality for a lower cost. Sushi also became much more accessible and affordable for peopleSushi machine is great for businesses and people that want to share sushi with others. With lower cost to make sushi, the demand for sushi also significantly shot up and made sushi even more popular within Japan and later on other countries.

Investing in One

If you are thinking about opening up your own sushi business, you should definitely consider investing a sushi machine. Especially if you don’t have the budget to train or hire a well trained professional sushi chefs. Or you just want to do the business yourself. There are multiple great sushi machines out there available for you depending on your business requirements. Sushi machine will bring you lots of advantages including becoming efficient, increase productivity, and lower costs without compromising the quality of sushi.

So, that’s it for the sushi machine’s origin. The first sushi machine was invented in Japan around the late 1970s. This inventions help popularize sushi and made sushi a dish for everyone. You can find it almost anywhere, sushi is a global cuisine. You can easily make traditional Japanese styled nigiri sushi or a creative sushi burrito with sushi machines.

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