Price of Sushi Machine

Sushi Machine Price Estimation

For those of you that are interested in opening your own sushi business, you must be very curious of the price of sushi machine. Well the price of sushi machine is determined on many factors and speciality of the sushi machine. Such as capacity, productivity, and of course full automatic or semi-automatic. To truly understand the price of sushi machine, we must first take a look at the different kinds of sushi machine there are and how they differentiate.

Nigiri or Maki?

Nigiri or Maki Sushi
There are two main types of sushi, nigiri or maki sushi. Nigiri sushi is the typical Japanese sushi with a slice of fresh seafood on top of a bite size rice ball. While maki sushi is also known as the sushi rolls. The mechanics and technology behind making these two types of sushi is very different, and thus there is a difference in the price. Depending on the type of sushi you want to make, the price might vary. Of course, if you were to buy more than one machines, there is a high chance that you can get a better price.

The Price of Sushi Machine

The price of sushi machine depends on the functionality and productivity. For example, if you want a sushi machine that can produce more than 2500 nigiri rice balls per hour, you should expect the price of that sushi machine is more than a nigiri sushi machine that can only produce 1000+ nigiri rice balls. Same thing applies to the maki sushi machines, the price varies depending on how much want to it to produce per hour.

Let’s Guess the Price!

Based on the knowledge and some research, it seems like the price range for a nigiri sushi machine can vary from 5,000 to 11,000 USD. This is a very general guess and it includes pricing from the smallest, mobile nigiri machines to the biggest and fastest nigiri producing machines. There can still be other machines that cost more or less. Also, this price doesn’t not include shipping and other additional fee, it is a very basic guess of the price of nigiri sushi machine. As for the maki sushi machine, it price differs depending on whether the machine itself can provide sushi rolling functions. If so, is the rolling function automatic or manual. These kind of factor also makes a huge difference in the price of sushi machine. A very general guess for a maki sushi machine would be around 15,000 to 20,000 USD. Unlike the nigiri sushi machine, it is hard to find a mobile version of maki sushi machine. The machines are generally a lot bigger and requires much complex technology, thus, being more expensive.

Is Sushi Machine Worth It?

A man thinking about if sushi machine is worth it? It is!
Now you must be wondering, is sushi machine really worth it? Well, they are definitely very efficient and can save you some bucks here and there. For example, with a sushi machine, you can significantly reduce the amount of money spent on training staff. Sushi making is considered a form of art, and it is a very time consuming and expensive form of art to practice. Hiring a well-trained sushi chefs can cost a hefty price. In comparison, 1 sushi machine can produce 2~3 times more, but have the same quality sushi as if they were made by sushi masters. You just need to train the staff how to properly set up the machines and use it, which takes at maximum 3 days to get used to. Not only are you saving money on labor, but you are producing more and increasing your profits. It is a win win situation. Secondly, why not? Many of the Japanese sushi restaurant uses them and they love them. Sushi machine allowed more people to be able to eat sushi on a much more regular basis. Sushi was then made even more popular and accessible for everyone. So sushi machine is definitely worth it.

Buying a Sushi Machine

So what are you still waiting for? Not sure about your budget? Well, I already gave you a very general ballpark of the price range, now you just need to find a sushi machine that can match you other needs. The productivity, size, type etc. Not sure where to begin? Check out the homepage to find out the sushi machine distributor that I think that’s totally worth it. Don’t worry like any other sushi machine distributor, they provide good services and very happy to help you find the best sushi machine for your business.

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