Different Types of Sushi Machines

Making Sushi

Interested in investing into a sushi machine? However, you are not sure what type of sushi machine is the best for your business? Don’t worry, this article will help you out with the different types of sushi machine. Helping you find the best sushi machine(s) you need. In fact, I will also be introducing some other related machines to the amazing sushi machine that you can use together to get the best results.

Let’s us jump start into these different types of sushi machines available.

Sushi Roll Machine

If you are interested in making sushi rolls, then you need a sushi roll machine or a maki machine. What is a maki machine? Well, to put it simply, it is a machine that is capable of printing out a thin layer of rice sheets. With these rice sheets, you can easily insert your favorite fillings inside and just roll it up. Depending on the sushi machine, some sushi machine can even roll the rice sheet for you. You just need to press a button and your desired size rice sheet would be dispensed out. Placed fish, fried egg, cucumber and some sauce and then press down on a lever and a perfect rolled sushi roll is done.


Productivity: Depending on machines, most can print 500+ rice sheets per hour or more!
Rolling Attachment: Some types of sushi roll machines have rolling attachments that you can help you roll up sushi. While there are some that just prints out the rice sheets.
Regular and Uramaki: Some sushi machines are more specialized for printing out uramaki sushi (sushi with rice on the outside). While other can do both uramaki or just regular seaweed sushi rolls.
Adjustable size and thickness: All sushi roll machine allows you to set up your desired length and width of rice sheet. Also, how thick you want to rice to be. Allows you to have the most flexibility.
These are the general features of sushi roll machines, now let’s look at nigiri sushi machine.

Nigiri Sushi Machines

Nigiri making sushi machine from XTOP

If you are interested in making nigiri sushi, then you should definitely invest in a nigiri sushi machine. They are extremely easy to use and have high performance. Instead of printing rice sheets, the nigiri sushi machine produce small oval shaped rice balls that is perfect for nigiri sushi. These nigiri machines are very speedy and depending on the size of the machine there is a wide range of different productivity level. One amazing thing about these nigiri machine is that rice balls are compatible with ones that are made by sushi chefs. In fact, the sushi that re made from nigiri machines have been strictly tested and examined by sushi chefs. Let’s us take a look at the detailed feature points of these nigiri sushi machines.


Productivity: Can produce up to thousands of rice balls in one hour.
Mobile: Depending on the size of the machine, some can be easily transported and mobile. Great for house parties or smaller hops/ food trucks etc.
Adjustable size: Similar to sushi roll machines, you can adjust the size of the rice balls that are being produced.

Sushi Related Machines

Now that we know about the two main types of sushi machine, maki sushi and nigiri sushi machine. Let us take a look at the different sushi related machine that can make your sushi production even more efficient and high productivity.

Sushi Roll Cutter is the perfect complementary machine to have with your sushi roll machine. With a sushi roll cutter, you can sushi rolls effortless. Just with a swiftly motion and the sushi roll will be sliced clean and equally. The sushi roll cutter allows you to cut the whole sushi roll at once, in fact, depending on the size of the sushi roll, you might even be able to cut two at once.

Sushi Rice Mixer is another amazing machine to have with your sushi machine. This machine works with both the sushi roll and nigiri sushi machine. This machine is here to help you achieve the perfectly mixed sushi rice.

What about Onigiri?

You must be wondering if onigiri machine is considered a type of sushi machine. The answer is technically no. Onigiri is not a sushi, but often time sushi machine sellers do provide onigiri machines. Why? Because the onigiri machines have similar concepts as sushi machines. The idea is to mold the rice into the appropriate shape so that it can be served easily or be combined with the filling faster. Which is exactly what an onigiri machine does.


Picking up a delicious nigiri sushi that is made by sushi machine
Now you know all about the different types of sushi machine there are. If you want to make delicious and fun sushi rolls, you need a sushi roll machine. Want to make more traditional Japanese sushi, nigiri sushi machine is a better choice. Or you can get both sushi machines and create a wide variety of sushi. Hope this article has helped you understand the different types of sushi machines and find the best one for your business.

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